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Solar Alert is the complete alert system whose purpose is to protect your life and warn you of the dangerous effects of solar storms on our society and, in so doing, protect you from disasters such as intense earthquakes, plane crashes, and power surges that can destroy all the electric appliances in your home
 and all the machinery at your workplace.

In a brief, simple, clear fashion, free of technical jargon, Solar Alert warns you of possible obstacles presented, in whole or in part, to our technological society, and which the scientists of NASA have already warned will happen in the next few years.

With the information provided by this App, now you can:

• Take necessary precautions to reduce risks associated with defects in the functioning of telecommunications.

• Avoid air travel if the App advises you to do so, since there is a high risk of general failure in aerial control systems and propulsion of aircraft in flight.

• Disconnect your electric appliances in time to protect them from devastating power surges.

• Take necessary precautions to protect your iPhone and your other electronics from intense magnetic fields.

• Reschedule your car trips since, on the day of the arrival of the solar storm, transportation systems may be seriously affected and stop working.

• Avoid severe obstacles posed by the failure of electromechanical systems such as trains and elevators in buildings where assistance to free you can take days to arrive.

• Be alert and prepared for possible earthquakes caused by the intense solar activity, since there is a statistically demonstrated relationship between the two phenomena.

• Be alert and prepared for serious safety errors in nuclear installations, since the cooling systems of nuclear reactors can be destroyed and rendered completely inoperative, logistics networks can become unused indefinitely, and this can pose very serious risks to people living within a radius of 200 kilometers around the nuclear centers affected.


Main features of Solar Alert:

• Algorithm that analyzes the numeric indexes provided by the NOAA space agency, calculates alerts and recommendations, and displays this information in brief in language easily understood by all users.

• Quick and easy visualization of solar alerts which provides you with predictions up to three days in advance at a glance.

• Early alert system based on precautions and actions to take depending on the level of alert indicated by the App.

• Visual timer that provides a countdown of time remaining until the arrival of the next solar storm.

• Updated diagram that shows the possibility of events associated with solar storms on Earth geographically.

• Easy and convenient access to the 30 best high-definition images of the sun provided by the observatories of the space agencies NASA and ESA.

• Easy and convenient access to the high-definition video made of the last 48 hours of images of the sun, where the spectacular solar events can be observed in detail.

• Easy and convenient access to the 12 most interesting graphics that analyze solar events from the most prestigious observatories in the world, including the forecast by NOAA, the center of space predictions.

• Offline access menu with the list of preparations and precautions to take before the arrival of a severe solar storm. Information based on the recommendations of the agencies FEMA, ICDO, and NASA.

With Solar Alert, now you can be warned up to three days in advance of solar storms that can paralyze our entire technological society.


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Excellent for Astronomers & Preppers ★★★★★

by - Version - Jo.Blogs by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Aug 28, 2014

Having used this App since it's infancy I can say with confidence that it really delivers. Solar storms and CME's are far more prolific now than in previous years. Minor solar storms can have a detrimental effect on telecommunication systems and common place household items that have some degree of computer technology within. This App warns the user of impending solar storms up to 3 days in advance, the App clearly identifies which technology and / or services may experience interference or disruption from the approaching solar storm, giving the user time to back up digital data and / or store their electronics in a Faraday cage or static electromagnetic bags ( inexpensive & available from most computer stores, Amazon & eBay) This App has a simple easy to learn user interface with the ability to alert your friends and family on Facebook directly from within the App. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye with crisp graphics, the designers have integrated a colour system that will alert the user to the level of intensity of a forecasted solar storm as soon as the App is opened. Not just a warning system! The developers have included lots of extras to help you understand exactly what the sun is doing, from solar images, to a live earth orbit satellite position display and much more. I cannot rate this App highly enough. If you value having the knowledge of an impending solar storm or CME then this App will not disappoint .

Great ★★★★★

by Suzyelle
I really like this app. It alerts me when solar activity is interfering with my technology and appliances.

Very happy ★★★★★

by - Version - Blades-storm by - Version - 2.0.1 by - Version - May 28, 2013

Gr8 app love keep the updates coming

Will save lives ★★★★★

by - Version - Happy UFOer by - Version - 1.3.3 by - Version - Mar 13, 2013

People don't realise the significance of solar flares. This app will be the most important app I ever buy!!

221b ★★★★★

by - Version - K221b by - Version - 1.1.8 by - Version - Nov 17, 2012

Just wonderful, it gives me great info. Highly recommend. Well done indeed.

Awesome! Nothing to add... :) ★★★★★
by - Version - HappyDude72 by - Version - 2.2.1 by - Version - Feb 20, 2014

This a gem!

Great tool!!! ★★★★★
by - Version - Jimbo Mahony by - Version - 2.1.1 by - Version - Oct 31, 2013

This is a really good tool!! Easy to understand! Also has great videos!

Up to date ★★★★★

by - Version - Jamie Sumers by - Version - 1.3.8 by - Version - Mar 29, 2013

No publicity No battery killer Day to day data

Magnífico ★★★★★

by - Version - Ea2duv by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Aug 25, 2014

Impresionante, genial, un 10

Imprecionante, excelente. ★★★★★
by - Version - Pichi 5 by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Jul 20, 2014

Muy buena

Lo mejor! ★★★★★
by - Version - Forteck by - Version - 2.2.1 by - Version - Mar 13, 2014

Es la mejor app que he tenido. Quiero ser cosmologa y tener controlado las erupciones solares por el movil es genial!! Y no tener que ir a la pagina directamente para saberlo. La propia app te manda un mensaje. Es la mejor app :)

Muy interesante aplicación! ★★★★★
by - Version - Junno2012 by - Version - 2.1 by - Version - Sep 10, 2013

Aplicación imprescindible para disponer en primera mano de la predicción adelantada en 3 días, acerca de las peligrosas tormentas solares que pueden paralizar toda nuestra sociedad y dejar sin control redes eléctricas, trenes y centrales nucleares. Esta versión la estándar, es la que te avisa automáticamente sin que tengas que estar tu pendiente y dispone de más funciones que la versión Lite. Debería haber más aplicaciones así, de verdad útiles para nuestras vidas.

Muy interesante ★★★★★
by - Version - Ultimo gladiador by - Version - 2.1 by - Version - Aug 16, 2013

Muy buena aplicación preventiva

Interesante y necesaria ★★★★★
by - Version - Gsuli by - Version - 2.0 by - Version - Apr 20, 2013

Muy Completa aplicación, permite estar al día de la actividad solar y de los posibles riesgos contra el planeta, resultado de la creciente actividad del sol. 

Wouah ★★★★★

by - Version - Linx 40 by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Jul 19, 2014

Magnifique application Et cette nouvelle version est sublime. Plus vivante, plus rapide. Seul petit bémol, les vidéos sont un peu lentes a charger. La 3G sans doute.

Very nice app !! ★★★★★
by - Version - CroustibatCodéiné by - Version - 2.2.1 by - Version - Feb 6, 2014

Great !!

Superbe ★★★★★
by - Version - michel-62 by - Version - 1.3.3 by - Version - Jan 4, 2013

Application que j'attendais depuis un bon moment. Un trés bon logiciel si l'activité solaire vous intéresse. Bon niveau de conaissances en dynamique requis pour profiter a 100% , mais peut aussi convenir aux curieux du ciel. 5 étoiles pour moi!

Ganz gut gemacht für Vorkehrungen ★★★★★
by - Version - TonyBergach by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Jul 20, 2014

Um kleine Vorkehrungen zu treffen, wenn ein extremer Solarsturm kommt...

Bellissima !!! ★★★★★
by - Version - Max max 72 by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Jul 24, 2014

Bellissima molto ben fatta complimenti ... Sarebbe bello poter salvare le immagini e i movie...

Fantastica!!! ★★★★★
by - Version - deizy band by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Jul 19, 2014

Ottima app !!!!

Bellissima ★★★★★

by - Version - Daniele Perozzo by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Sep 14, 2014

Ottima con notifiche push di allerta

Alerta solar ★★★★★
by - Version - astral07 by - Version - 2.3.1 by - Version - Jun 21, 2014

Excelente, lo mejor que he visto

Bien ★★★★★
by - Version - Ruben Erre by - Version - 2.1 by - Version - Aug 30, 2013

¡Muy recomendable!

Utila. ★★★★★
by - Version - virtualdragonfly by - Version - 1.3.7 by - Version - Mar 13, 2013

Notificarile functioneaza foarte bine.

Отлично ★★★★★
by - Version - ==Leshch== by - Version - 2.3.1 by - Version - Jun 21, 2014

Находка для метеочувствительных людей и людей реагирующих на магнитные бури! Все остальное машины, компьютеры, землетрясения - Лажа! -

Best app for Solaar storm alerts ★★★★★
by - Version - Fudoshine by - Version - 2.1.1 by - Version - Dec 26, 2013

Alerta work swiftly with push or on the app ...

Nice App!!! ★★★★★
by - Version - Superhotscot by - Version - 2.1 by - Version - Sep 10, 2013

I love this app!!! Devastating CMEs are very real, they have happened before and they will again. I feel that my family and myself are better protected because of this app. The alerts are comprehensive, plain English, and informative! Good job to all the folks at Solar Alert Network!!

Number 1 app on my phone ★★★★★

by - Version - Wildwilly the prepper by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Jul 23, 2014

This app is a potential life savour. For all of you who like to steady space weather or you who are just ignorant to what can happen to the earth via space need this app and learn it's functions. It's not a question of if.....but when. Don't be left in the dark. This app can help you be prepared.

Very useful ★★★★
by - Version - Richard Garwood by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Sep 11, 2014

I think this app is extremely useful and helps give us time to protect electrical and electronic devices. 

Lots of cool features ★★★★★

by - Version - OriginStungy by - Version - 2.5 by - Version - Sep 10, 2014

I just download this app but it has many premium features that you don't find on other apps, such as countdowns till the arrival of the CMEs and other cool features. 

Excellent! ★★★★★

by - Version - Wsanta by - Version - 2.5.1 by - Version - Sep 19, 2014

Very good, concise, effective, informative and scientifically oriented app. Alerts are wonderful. Recommendations, make more for all NOAA weather conditions!

Great app ★★★★★

by - Version - Troy1472 by - Version - 2.5.1 by - Version - Sep 22, 2014

Found it looking for info on severe event I heard about on the radio. This app was very helpful it had more information than I ever expected to find. Very easy to use.

Great App!!! ★★★★★
by - Version - Kpayten by - Version - 2.5.1 by - Version - Oct 4, 2014

Makes me feel better to have it. Good job!

Ganz gut gemacht für Vorkehrungen ★★★★★
by TonyBergach - Version - 2.5.4 - Dec 18, 2014

Um kleine Vorkehrungen zu treffen, wenn ein extremer Solarsturm kommt... 

Great App Overall! ★★★★★

by Jimbo Mahony - Version - 2.5.4 - Dec 30, 2014

Great app for the interested. Lots of things to do & explore.

Super app ★★★★

by Disabled Woodstock - Version - 2.5.4 - Jan 12, 2015

Love the app still trying to figure everything out 

Important and Useful ★★★
by Taoease - Version - 2.5.4 - Jan 17, 2015

You would be making a very significant mistake not purchasing this app it's well done most of the reviewers are not scientists or engineers. This information is more than important support this developer get this application and give yourself a chance by being forewarned.

Real time pics ★★★
by dreawelsh - Version - 2.5.4 - Jan 24, 2015

Excellent app presenting real time pics & alerts, videos & other info



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